Graphic user interface for synchrotron beamline

  • Jose Brito Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo
  • Felipe Brito Transmissions Department, Coorporación Nacional de Telecomunicaciones
  • Moshe Brito Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo
  • Diego Reina Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo
Palabras clave: Beamline, graphical user interface, image processing, python


This research consisted of developing a graphical user interface in Python language for the reconstruction of images based on the propagation technique (PBI). The methodology used consisted of rewriting and ordering the existing code by reformulating it in the form of classes and methods to link them to the graphical user interface template using PyQt. The analysis requirements, design, and implementation of user graphic interface were explained. The graphical user interface permitted conducted two experiments using the PBI technique and analyzing their differences and similarities, and demonstrating that the algorithm for reconstruction was testing successfully.


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